Friends of Fair Trade


Coffee of the World supports farmers that participate in fair trade. We purchase directly from farmers through that meet our standards, who are known for their ethical practices, and we stand for “social responsibility” in order to uphold a better world.

Sadly, we uncovered some of our beans were purchased directly from other big coffee suppliers known for their unethical practices. Approximately 2 million pounds were purchased through these unethical suppliers between Aug. 27 and October 16, 2015. Coffee of the World addressed the situation immediately after we were made aware of the issue. We are putting all appropriate resources behind these efforts.

We are now working tirelessly with our purchasing and supply chain to create guidelines to ensure this never happens again.  We have created this dedicated blog to offer a space for our consumers to ask us any questions directly, and we are giving 20% of our profits during the month of December to support fair trade farmers.

“Coffee of the World’s first priority is preserving the trust of our consumers and we have moved swiftly to address this issue, so consumers can purchase our coffee with confidence. We regret any trust that may have been broken,” said R.J. Pratt, chairman, president and chief executive officer, Coffee of the World. “We take our adherence to social responsibility very seriously and as soon as we were made aware we corrected the situation. We will work diligently to support free trade, and will continue to do so”.

Among other actions, Coffee of the World is partnering with a leading third-party firm to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident. Coffee of the World will also donate 20% of our profits during this time to invest in free trade farmers.
More information is available at Coffee of the World’s corporate website. Any other inquiries should contact Coffee of the World at: 888-888-8888.


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